Blog from Thuy Thi Truong, 4th year PhD student

Students at University College Cork

How have you changed since you started at UCC?

After three and a half years of being a PhD student in UCC with lots of presentations and research, I’ve become more confident in my work. I’ve improved my presentation skills, my reading and writing of academic papers. I also have gained experience in workshops and conferences.

Travel while studying in UCC

I’ve had 21 days excluding the public holidays for my vacation each year. How generous 🙂 However, for my vacation, I prefer going back home to Vietnam as I’ve been homesick at times. I’ve also travelled for a number of conferences in England and Canada. Just a few weeks ago, I travelled to Japan just for a short vacation. I enjoy all of them. They’re all lovely.

How would you describe Cork City as a place to live?

I would simply say that Cork is a very convenient city and UCC is right beside the city. UCC even provides a crèche service for UCC staff and students. Since I’ve been a student here I’ve received quite a lot of assistance. The food is great and there are endless outlets for shopping and buying all types of food. Also, there are many festivals such as St. Patrick’s Day, food festival, film festival, etc. during the year.

Cork City UCC


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