A long history, full of opportunities, open-minded

“The most important thing that life taught me, while here, is to be independent and self-motivated.”

Yang Gao who studied Management Information Systems tells you about his time in UCC.

International students at UCC, Ireland

Describe UCC in three words.

A long history, full of opportunities, open-minded.

How has your academic experience been? 

UCC trained me and also offered me the opportunities to transfer my knowledge into academic working experience. After I completed my Masters, I worked in the Civil Engineering Department as an academic researcher for over 2 years, which was a great experience.

Did you have the support you needed?

Yes. The UCC support services are very comprehensive.

Where did you live?

I am living in an apartment near to city centre. It is very convenient for shopping and going to college, but it’s noisy at night!

What was your experience of clubs and societies?

I really liked the environment of clubs in UCC especially for some of the large sports matches and events. UCC’s societies are great, they are very professional! Students can take on new interests and develop our hobbies through them. And make new friends!

What is the main difference in living here and home?

The main difference is the culture difference – from food to lifestyle. The Irish food tastes good. There are not as many Chinese food varieties. It took me a long time to become used to potatoes in my main dishes! I would definitely miss the fries here if I went back to my hometown. Ireland is a beautiful country and it’s not too hard to adapt to the life here. Cork is a great city in Ireland – it is much safer, and people are very friendly.

How have you changed since you started at UCC?

I’ve spent six years in UCC. The most important thing that life taught me while here is to be independent and self-motivated.


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