The food here tastes different but in a good way I think

Meghan Carter is a UCC undergraduate student of Accounting from New Jersey

Accounting student at UCC

Where did you live in first year?

I lived in Deanshall Crosses Green during my first year. It was a nice enough apartment with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. I lived with four other Irish girls. It wasn’t campus accommodation but UCC students lived there along with students from other colleges in Cork. It was mainly first years living there, which was good since I was a first year too. The best thing about it for me was the location because it was located between UCC’s campus and the centre of the city. It took about 15 minutes to get to campus. The worst thing about it was that you could hear people in the apartments around you. Overall it was a good place to live.

Clubs and Societies

I personally didn’t join any clubs. I did join some societies that related to my course like the Accounting and Finance Society. In my second year, I plan on joining more clubs and societies. For instance, I’m going to join the International Students Society. I think joining different clubs and societies would be a great way of meeting and making new friends. And there is literally a club for everyone. There are around 60 clubs and 70 societies to choose from.

What is the main difference in living here and home?

Food. The food here tastes different but in a good way I think. It isn’t as processed so it’s healthier. The bread isn’t as sweet as the bread at home. The milk, I think, tastes better. The butter is way better than the butter at home. Cadbury and Milka chocolate is a lot better than Hershey (in my opinion!). You can still get Hershey products here they are just more expensive. Grape isn’t really a flavour here they have blackcurrant instead (I prefer grape). They also have different flavour Doritos and Pringles. Overall, I prefer the food here better but some people find it hard to adjust to.

How have you changed since you started at UCC?

I think I’ve changed a little. I’m a lot more independent and I can cook a little better.

Did you travel to other EU countries while you were here?

No not in my first year. In my second year I plan on travelling.

How would you describe Cork as a place to live?

Cork is a great place to live in! It’s a very small city so it’s really easy to navigate and very hard to get lost in for too long. Since I lived between campus and the city I did all my food shopping in the Tesco in the centre of the city. There are loads of shops so me and my roommates went shopping a lot. Students also like to meet up in the city to get coffee or lunch. There is a pretty good nightlife in the city and if you aren’t into that there is always the cinema!


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