UCC Rowing

UCC Rowing Club is one of the oldest and most successful sports clubs in the University beginning life in 1868. In 2012 the club moved to the National Rowing Centre, a 15km lake complete with 2000m rowing course and home to the Irish team. Recent developments at UCCRC include the continued addition to the comprehensive fleet of modern racing boats and the appointment of a fulltime head coach, ensuring everyone gets the time and attention they require to reach his/her potential.

Rowing at UCC encourages members to compete at local, national and international regattas, become part of a great social scene here in Cork, make new friends and improve your fitness. UCCRC caters for all skill levels from the raw novice up to the experienced senior and prides itself on helping students to realise their potential on the water. Many students who first began rowing in UCC have since moved on to rowing at the very highest levels.

Rowing Club Development

Rowing at UCC has just begun the implementation of a 5 year strategic development plan. This plan will increase the number of coaches and boats in the club. Also, a more efficient coaching structure will be implemented to further accelerate the development of individuals over their period in UCCRC. The plan is supported by many ex coaches and captains of UCC Rowing Club and has received support from a number of well known members of rowing clubs outside UCC. It will see UCC become a centre of excellence for Irish rowing.


Talented Rowers may be awarded sports scholarships if accepted at University College Cork. Scholarships vary in value depending on the applicant’s experience and potential. Scholarships are one year awards subject to reapplication. Certain conditions apply with regards to participation and satisfactory academic progress. Please contact the Development officer for further information.

For full details download our brochure here UCC Rowing Brochure

For further information please contact: Ed Green, Rowing Development Officer E.Green@ucc.ie


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