Successful UCC Computer Science graduates

Aidan Sliney and Brendan O’Driscoll, co-founders of Soundwave, pictured at Dublin Beta a few weeks ago. Image credit: http://garethfox.wordpress.com/

UCC is delighted to inform you of the recent success of two UCC Computer Science graduates. Their company SoundWave won the NDRC Lift-Off competition yesterday.

Soundwave, co-founded by Aidan Sliney (CS graduate and currently PhD student, Computer Science, UCC), won a 50K Euro investment from SOSventures, presented by Bill Liao and Minister Sean Sherlock. Noel Lynch, lead developer for SoundWave, is a graduate of the MSc in Multimedia Technology, UCC.

Soundwave is a music data analytics service that allows users to discover and track what songs are being listened to, and where, in realtime.  It combines geo-location and ID3 music tagging technology.  Soundwave provides actionable analytics that allows the music industry to understand and react to what their market is doing in realtime and respond with local and targeted marketing campaigns, pr injections, tours and promotions for increased returns on investment.  Musicians can track their global distribution in realtime. Users can discover what songs their favourite locations, friends and celebrities are listening to.

To read more about their success please click here

If you are interested in STUDYING COMPUTER SCIENCE at UCC you can find out all you need to know at the following link


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