20 Myths

Image from NACAC Winter 2012 Journal of College Admission

In 1973 the The National ACAC Journal published an article by Loren Pope. This article identified 20 myths that can jinx your choice of university. The NACAC Journal of College Admission recently republished this article.  Although the piece is destined for a domestic US market, we think some of these myths are very applicable to students everywhere.

Here are some of our favourite myths quoted directly from Winter 2012 Journal of College Admission

“Myth Two: You should make your college selection early in your senior year and have all applications in by Christmas or thereabouts.
More than any other bit of brain-washing to which the public is subjected about education, this manifestation of the Chicken Little syndrome has made a scramble out of what should be an unhurried and painstaking process of investigation, self-examination and decision.

Myth Seven: What one or more of your friends says about a college is a good indicator.
This is the everybody-likes-vanilla rationale and is one of the high-school seniors’ most-used criteria. The trouble is that it doesn’t always work unless you’re much like the friends in interests, abilities, value systems, and personality.

Myth Eight: Going more than 200 miles away from home means a costlier education, and probable isolation.

Myth Nine: A college you’ve heard about is better, or at least safer, than one you haven’t.
This is one of the worst traps of all. In the institutional jungle, a college president’s knowledge of other institutions is limited, and that of the parent or student is often minimal.

Myth Seventeen: Joining clubs will improve your chances.
Not unless you are a doer as well as a joiner. A list of memberships is a bore unless it’s accompanied by some active contributions to the work of those groups.”

In response the UCC international education office says:

  • Don’t be afraid to approach us about application dates. You don’t need to know your college future in December before you register, there is more time to make your decision!
  • Studying internationally does not always mean a higher cost and obtaining a global education also brings wonderful cultural advantages
  • Get fully involved in a few clubs and societies. By embracing the experience you’ll get much more out of it. You really get out, what you put in at UCC. So go on, take a chance and give it your all!

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