Cork: as seen through the eyes of an eighteenth century Indian Travel Writer

In 1799, the famous Indian traveller, Abu Taleb Khan, recorded on his arrival to Cork harbour how he was struck by the beauty of its ‘gentle slopes’, it’s large river which ‘resembled the Ganges’ and its vast natural harbour. Writing in Persian, Khan described how:

‘this extensive sheet of water, the verdure of the hills, the comfortable appearance of the town on one side and the romantic cottages of the other, with the formidable aspects of the fort, and so many large ships lying in the harbour, conveyed to mind such sensations as I had never before experienced. [Neither] the Bay of Genoa nor the Straits of Constantinople is to be compared with this’.

-Abu Taleb Khan, The Travels of Mirz Abu Taleb Khan (London, 1814)

Although written over two centuries ago, these descriptions would not be out of place today. Cork and UCC continue to garner international praise. A winner of the prestigious European Capital of Culture in 2005, Cork has been one of the Lonely Planet’s ‘top ten cities to visit’ for the past two years running. Similarly, UCC has also continued to win global recognition for excellence. It is currently ranked in the top 2 percent of universities globally and is Ireland’s only 5 Star University (QS Rankings). Why not come to UCC and discover for yourself what the university and the cork region has to offer?

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