Students are spreading the good word on studying in Ireland!!

Do you have friends, family and acquaintances wondering about your life in UCC and interested in studying in Ireland themselves? Education in Ireland is now helping you to spread the word!

Education in Ireland information

Education in Ireland U.S. Ambassador Programme

“The typical US student in Ireland is a global, career-minded individual seeking a high-quality and affordable college experience,” said Michelle Dervan, USA Manager for Education in Ireland.  “The Student Ambassador Programme seeks to connect these students with prospective US students through the sharing of their experience in Ireland.” (Quote from Education in Ireland )

Background to the Programme

  • This week Education in Ireland and the seven Irish universities launch a new US Student Ambassador Program, connecting prospective American students and their families with those already studying in Ireland.
  • The Ambassadors represent some of the 7,000 US students who choose to study in Ireland each year.
  • The Ambassador Program is one in a series of new initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the quality of Irish degree programs, while also assisting and encouraging interested students as they embark on their applications.
  • Throughout this academic year, the US Student Ambassadors will share their experience and insights of life as a student in Ireland through blogs, articles and video posts. To follow their stories online or to send an email enquiry, log on to www.educationinireland.com<http://www.educationinireland.com/> or Facebook ‘Education in Ireland USA’.

Meet a selection of our Ambassadors

Meghan Carter (Hails from New Jersey and studies Accounting at University College Cork)

“I’ve always wanted to live in Ireland since I was young. I spent most of my childhood summers with my mom’s family in Wexford, Ireland. I ended up choosing UCC because I felt it fit my needs the best. I really liked their Accounting course especially because of the internship opportunity that’s given to you in the third year. So far I’m really enjoying all my classes. It has been really easy adjusting to living in Cork because the city isn’t too big and the people are friendly”.

Ameer Gazdar (Hails from Rhode Island and studies Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway)

“Studying in Ireland has provided me with valuable insight into the educational, professional and cultural life of the country, which I now wish to share with other American students who are looking into possibly studying abroad in Ireland…as a student ambassador I am tremendously eager to help potential international students find their own specific niche here in Ireland”.

Logan White (Hails from Nebraska and studies Engineering at Dublin City University)

“I decided to go abroad for a few reasons. One of the biggest was the chance to experience people and places from a completely different culture, as well as to get an international perspective on structural engineering…. So far my experience has been amazing. Dublin offers a lot of new experiences, especially for college students. I am extremely comfortable with my decision…”

Katherine Davis (Hails from Massachusetts and studies Business at the University of Limerick)

“In the autumn of 2010 I started a study abroad programme at UL, which was supposed to last for a year. After getting involved on campus and seeing the opportunities living abroad presented, I decided to take a chance and transfer to become a full student here. This was after only one semester! Learning to live on my own and having to figure out how to rely on myself is one of my favourite parts of this experience and I highly encourage you to try it!”

Olivia Wirtanen (Hails from: Minnesota and studies Music Performance at NUI Maynooth)

“After completing my bachelor’s degree in Minnesota, I happily packed my life into two suitcases and headed to NUI Maynooth. Hailed as one of the premier music programs in Ireland, NUIM is not only surrounded by beautiful gardens and towering gothic buildings but provides a welcoming network of support as well.”

Marielle Rocca (Hails from: Napa Valley, California and studies Business, Economics & Social Studies at Trinity College Dublin)

“I am currently in my second year studying business and economics through the BESS program….   My first year at Trinity was one of the best experiences of my life and I am sure second year will be the same.”

About Education in Ireland

To learn more about Education in Ireland’s outreach to US high schools and universities, please visit http://www.educationinireland.com or Education in Ireland USA on Facebook.

Contact Education in Ireland

For more information contact Michelle Dervan, USA Manager  michelle.dervan@enterprise-ireland.com or

Gill Roe, Manager gill.roe@enterprise-ireland.com


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