Irish American News in Chicago highlights UCC

Frank Mahon writing in Chicago’s Irish American News  recently highlighted Ireland and UCC’s attraction for American students. “Americans go to Ireland for many reasons – the scenery, the golf, the culture, the heritage. And more and more, Americans go to Ireland for college…..

UCC's Honan Plaza

Why should students consider going to Ireland for higher education?   “Key selling points are the quality of degrees, the affordability compared to U.S. colleges, and the experience of going to school in Ireland,” says [Louise Tobin, Chair of the Irish Universities Association and UCC’s Director for International Student Recruitment and Strategy], adding, “The combination of traditional aspects of Irish education enhanced by cutting-edge facilities, and the access to the rich cultural heritage of Ireland and its great natural beauty make the student experience one that is very highly rated by our students.” Chicago personal injury attorney Devon C. Bruce, who attended University College Cork as an undergraduate in 1988, was one those students. “Studying abroad in Ireland was one of the most memorable and exciting times of my life,” Bruce says. “I made lifelong friends, and I urge any student considering studying abroad to do so!”


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