Can someone say…’cheese’?

Two UCC academics are smiling and so are we! Professor Finbarr Allen and Professor Helen Whelton both from the Cork University Dental School and Hospital were each awarded with a prestigious international ‘Distinguished Scientist’ award in San Diego, California by The International Association of Dental ResearchThe award is very competitive and it is highly unusual that 2 awards would go to a single institution. In addition to our scholars, an undergraduate student from the Cork University Dental School and Hospital, Kate Horgan, received the David B Scott Fellowship. Well done everyone…

Professor Finbarr Allen and Professor Helen Whelton, Cork University Dental School and Hospital

UCC President, Dr. Michael Murphy had a few words on the awards: “It is a great tribute to the excellence of our dental staff that they have won two international research awards…Our dental students can only benefit from having staff who are held in such high repute as can be seen by the student award at the IADR….It is good to see UCC staff take leadership roles internationally which can only benefit dentistry in Ireland.” 

For more info on Cork University Dental School click here


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