UCC paves the way for religious studies in Ireland!

Courtesy of Irish Times: From Dublin vagrant to Buddhist revivalist in Burma: U Dhammaloka

A news article in the Irish Times this past week, described UCC’s MA programme in Contemporary Religions beginning in September as part of the process in UCC’s establishment of the “country’s first study-of-religions department.”  The new programme has attracted students from around the world and is situated in a country that has a long history of religion right outside its front door. Theology has always been a part of study within Irish Universities. However it was not until UCC’s Professor Brian Bocking, an expert in Buddhism and Japanese religions founded a study of religions department in 2007  that an Irish University looked at religion in a ‘broad and nondenominational way.‘ We are certain the incoming students this autumn will enjoy learning about the Irish born and first ever western Buddhist monk, U Dhammaloka, who fascinated all of us here at UCC with his enigmatic story. We are proud to be at the forefront of such an exciting and groundbreaking  journey into the first ever religious studies programme in Ireland! UCC is a true pioneer in this type of religious teaching in Ireland. To see full article click here  

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