UCC Academic takes on New York!

Dr. Jools Gilson – an academic in UCC’s English Department was awarded a Gold Award at the 54th Annual New York’s Festival Gala Ceremony for the World’s Best Radio. The festival receives entries from independent producers and networks in over 30 countries worldwide!  Gilson was awarded Best Narration on her radio documentary “Los Preciosos” – showcased on RTE Radio One’s Documentary on One Series  in December 2010 – click here to listen. The documentary was compiled, written, and narrated by Gilson and produced by Liam O’Brien. It is a powerful and personal story of a family in rural Ireland that consists of a British mother, an Italian father and two adopted children from Guatemala. The documentary focuses on events that led up to the eventual adoption of the children including assessments by social workers and delves into the bureaucratic processes of England, Ireland, and Guatemala. Well done Dr. Jools Gilson! If you want to hear more radio talent from UCC tune into Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM http://www.ucc.ie/ccr/


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