UCC student awarded first prize at Chinese Bridge Competition

Tricia Kehoe, a second year BA student in Asian Studies at UCC has won the prestigious 10th Chinese Bridge Competition for world students. University students from all over Ireland competed for the title. More than 100 people attended the event including the Chinese ambassador to Ireland, Mr. Liu Biwei and the First Secretary of the Chinese embassy, Professor Dong Huiging. Kehoe impressed the panel with her fluency in the Chinese language which she used to describe her experience in Beijing, as well as performing Chinese calligraphy and reproducing a passage out of the classic Chinese ‘Book of Changes’. Kehoe will represent Ireland in the 10th Chinese Bridge Competition for World College Students which will be held in Chongqing, China in June 2011. Well done Tricia!

During the award ceremony, Mr. Liu Biwei commented on the excellent relationship that Ireland and China have built in diplomacy and economic ties and that their educational and cultural exchanges are growing rapidly. He hopes the studying of each other’s languages will continue to strengthen the friendship and co-operation already in existence between Ireland and China and so do we!

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