Ireland is third most globalised nation in the world!

According to a study conducted by Ernst & Young, which included 60 countries worldwide, Ireland is ranked as the third most globalised nation just behind Singapore and Hong Kong. The report, produced by the Economic Intelligence Unit, was presented earlier this year at the World Economic Forum. The study examined the following criteria; “a country’s openness to trade, movement of capital, exchange of technology and ideas, labour movements, and cultural integration.” The report highlighted Ireland’s technology sector as the impetus for the strong ranking as well as the contributions made in research and development.

“In recent years, Ireland has positioned itself as a hub in the global exchange of technology, as a result of its safe operating environment and educated workforce,” said the report.

As for the current economic climate, Colm Devine, a partner with Ernsty & Young, states that Ireland is, ‘extremely well-positioned’ to take advantage of opportunities in international business expansion.’

Currently, 1 in 12 undergraduates enrolled within an Irish University come from abroad and with this ranking we can foresee that number increasing!
Photo: UCC students studying in the sun


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