Ireland remains a choice destination for Study Abroad

Ireland has maintained its place as the 9th most popular destination for Study Abroad Students from the USA according to this week’s Open Door 2010 report. Europe continues to host over half of all American students who study overseas. Almost 7,000 Americans study for one or two semesters in the Emerald Isle each year with some 600 in UCC alone. Justin Cahill, who completed his Study Abroad at UCC from Princeton, says of his time here: “I’ve had a very rewarding academic experience at UCC, but that’s not the only reason I would encourage others to come here. UCC’s beautiful campus reminds me of my own college back in the States but, unlike my home campus, it is only a few minutes walk from the center of a bustling city!”.


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  1. No doubt Ireland is becomming more and more popular place among international students. USA, UK, Australia and NZ are the top destination for international students and I think there is a great opportunity for Ireland to gain more students and increase market share.

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